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Mobile Home Flex Mend Belly Bottom Board Repair Flap 18x18 -Fix Underbelly Holes

The TRAP FLAP is a low-cost access panel enabling service to "P" traps or other plumbing connections located below floor level—but concealed by the bottomboard vapor barrier. Step 1: Begin installation of the TRAP FLAP by placing the black plastic fabric side down on the work surface. Imagine the stitching as a large letter "U". Use a razor or utility knife to make a light cut through the paper release liner, dividing the "U" in half as shown in the diagram at the bottom. Try to avoid cutting the woven plastic fabric. Do not cut either row of stitching! Step 2: After cutting the paper release liner, peel half of the liner, exposing the adhesive. It is easier to peel from the edges towards the "U". The perforations of the stitching will help tear the paper liner loose. Step 3: Attach the exposed adhesive to the application location with the un-peeled half of the TRAP FLAP hanging. After firmly smoothing the TRAP FLAP in place, remove the release liner from the remaining half—and smooth it firmly in place. The best application includes removal of the release liner from between the rows of stitching, but it is not essential. Step 4: After the TRAP FLAP is completely attached, fully unzip the zipper. Gain access by using a utility knife to follow the zipper path, cutting completely through the TRAP FLAP fabric and the application surface.

IMPORTANT HINTS It takes some practice to be able to apply TRAP FLAP s quickly and neatly. Be patient! You will develop personal techniques and you will improve! Be sure the application surface is clean and free of loose dirt and dust. If necessary wipe down surface with alcohol to assure a suitable surface. Some workers use heat guns to soften adhesive in very cold weather. Do not over expose the fabric or zipper to heat.

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