Click to enlarge7/8" (1") Quality Vinyl Insert

This pliable material withstands the shrinkage that usually occurs with age and maintains its color years longer than traditional inserts.

Used in door, window and trim moulding on side of camper, rv, motorhome, boat or other situation where screws in aluminum/metal trim are to be covered with "detail".

Simply pinch the middle and slide the vinyl into the metal moulding.

Add a drop of silicone on the end to prevent sliding.

This QUALITY Heavy Duty vinyl is the highest grade of vinyl thicker and more flexible than most OEM vinyls, which helps hold its shape better, making it sturdier in the aluminum channel and less likely to become dislodged while driving: a great replacement when traveling or living in warmer climates due to its higher temperature tolerance.

Long Life with UV inhibitors blended in to help reduce shrinkage and discoloration.

There are quite a few different trims on the market and it is very difficult at times to determine which style/size you need.

If you email us at with your name and mailing address we will send non-charge samples of the various types that we inventory.

Because many trims will change slightly in size it does not really help if you send us samples.

When you receive the samples you can test to see if one or more will fit the job you need.